Pioneer Language Busiban 台北市私立先鋒語文短期補習班

Learn to speak proper Mandarin in a short time at the Pioneer Language Busiban in Taipei!


Summer Intensive Classes

NEW Beginger Group Class will open On Autust 15st, 2018.
10:10am~12:00noon ( two hours per day /  Monday thru Friday 10 hours per week)
Only NT$7,000 ( four weeks / 40 hours)
Beginner Group, Level 1 & 2 (P. Chinese 1 & 2) 10 :10am- 12:00noon, ( August,  15st, 2018 ~ )
We also have One-on-One & small group classes on Saturday and Sunday:
at 8:10am to 5:00pm (flexible hours)


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A Level 1 Beginner Group Class starts on December 24, 2012, classtime : 10-12noon, Monday to Friday.
All new and past students can avail of the special offer Mandarin Group class for 4,500NTD/4 weeks. 
The offer is available for all levels at all times.
Special offer is also available to current or former students of Pioneer Institute starting Nov 26 2012.
***The school will only be closed on Jan.  1st ,2013, Tuesday( a National public holiday in Taiwan) and there is no classes on this day.***


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The best all-around resource site for foreign teachers is:

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