Pioneer Language Busiban 台北市私立先鋒語文短期補習班

Learn to speak proper Mandarin in a short time at the Pioneer Language Busiban in Taipei!


VISA Procedure & Accomodation

Visa, Housing, Food & Taipei Life & Attractions :   

Visa Application Procedure: 

All foreign students need to submit documents and pay the processing fee for visitor visa at the closer embassy,consulate or representative agency for it for visiting Taiwan, please click on VISA here for its details.  

For the location missions and embassies of Taiwan please click Taiwan Embassies & Missions abroad.

Foreign students with visa extension and status changes:

A.   Visa Extension procedure in Taipei:

1.       If your visitor visa is valid for 60 days, you must submit your visa extension application within 60 days of arrival. It is recommended that you extend your visa one week before expiration. 

2.       Please come to Pioneer office to pay the tuition for next semester,  

3.      Apply for Enrollment Certificate and attendance record.

4.       Fill out the Visa Extension Application Form 
5.      Go to the Immigration office with your passport, Visa Extension Application Form, Enrollment certificate and attendance record.
B.   For students who apply new visa at TECO(Hong Kong), address: 40th Floor, Tower One, Lippo Center, No.89 Queensway, Hong Hong
        Direction Tips:  Take MTR to Admiralty station and exit B. You will reach Lippo Centre after walking up the stairs to the entrance of the center's Towers.     

National Immigration Agency  and its location:



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs


3rd Fl., 2-2 Chi-Nan Road, Section 1, Taipei

台北市濟南路一段2-2號3樓 ( Tel: 02-2343-2888)

Upon arrival to Taoyuan International airport you can take Taxi or Airport Bus or Airport-Taipei MRT to Taipei city.  And then you can

take Bus, Taxi or Taipei MRT ( Guting MRT,Exit 4, 12-14 mins. to Pioneer School).


Take Danshui Line(Red), Zhong-He Line(Orange),Xindian(Green) to Guting MRT, exit, then along He-Ping East Rd about 12 min to Pioneer Building Entrance.

Or take Xindian Line( Green) to Tai Power MRT, exit 3, then walking along Shida Road and turn right on He-Ping E. Rd, about 10 min. to Pioneer Building Entrance.


Take Bus No. 3, 15, 18, 74, 235, 237,254, 278, 662, 663, 672, 907 or He-Ping Line(和平幹線) to Shida Bus Stop or Shida One Bus Stop. 


PLI does not provide dormitory for students. Most students either stay at hotels, hostels or private apartments upon arrival before finding a long term accommodation. Short term lodging : Small sized room-NT$7000, Medium sized room-NT$8000, Private Suite -NT$9500, address :5F, No,21, Lane 101, Roosevelt Road, Sec 2, Taipei. Email:

For short-term lodging contacts as below: Temple Garden in Taipei

Friends Hotel-Yoxing Regency 

Dalamanco Hotel

Taipei Citizen Hotel

International House of Taipei 


Tsuei Ma-Ma Foundation for Housing and Community Services

Taipei Hostel at Taipei Rail Station Area  

For Small room, about 2 pings per room, monthly rental is about NT$6,500-NT$8,000 or more, depending on the size, furnishing and the location the room ( Taipei city or New Taipei city area like Yong-He, Xindian,NeiHu or BanChio district). 1 ping = 3.44 sq metres = 36 sq. ft of living area.

All the above lease catagories require  lease deposits of 1-2 months in addition to monthly rent which will be refunded when moving out if everything is still in good condition and clean.

Monthly rental of suite( 1 room with a bathroom) is about NT$12,000~NT$20,000 and for a private utility apartment is about 12000 and more, determined  by its size and equipments,i.e. air conditioner, refrigerator, telephone...etc.

Rental/accommodation Information:


CASH & Credit Cards

Most Banks are connected to the CIRRUS or PLUS Network, which accept foreign bank cards aligned with these systems. Credit cards are accepted by most chain stores and some restaurants. The daily withdrawal limits at ATMs with foreign bank cards is NTD15000 or less.It is recommended to bring cash or traveler's checks of major world currency with you because some payment of large amounts,such as rent and tuition fees,must be paid in cash. Cash and traveler's checks are in USD, Euro or Yen can be exchanged in most banks. Bank of Taiwan and Taipei Fubon Bank are located few minutes walk from our school. 
Foreigners may open a bank account to receive funds from abroad. The required documents for opening bank accounts are: Record of ROC ID Number or ARC(Alien Resident Card - from National Immigration Agency), passport and NT$1000 ( minimum amount for first depost).

Taipei & Climate

Taipei is a lively cosmopolitan city with convenient,cheap and clean public transportation systems which take travelers to almost every corner of the city. Banks, convenience stores, shopping malls and supermarkets are usually just a few blocks away. From the finest restaurants which offers Chinese to exotic foreign cuisines to inexpensive small diners and night markets, the choices for dining are abundant. It is one of the safest cities in the world and the taiwaneses are warm, friendly and helpful  to foreigners. Taipei is a city where foreign travelers will not feel lonely and stranded. 

The climate of Taipei is sub-tropical and it is usually humid throughout the year, more so in summer season. Summer is from May to September, the temperature is around 33C. Winter is short, from mid-December to Late February, it is chilly (between 10-20C).  

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Taipei is about NT$15000 to NT$20000 per month( excluding tuition). It varies with each individual's live style. Please bring sufficient funds to finance you stay in Taipei.

Historical and Tourist locations

CKS Memorial Hall

National Palace Museum

National Museum of History

Taipei Confucius Temple

Nationary Revoluntary Martyrs' Shrine

National Dr Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall    

Taipei Water Park     

Taipei Confucius Temple   

National Museum of Natural Science

Shisanhang Museum of Archaeology 

Taipei Botanical Garden       

Taipei Zoo    

Yangminshan National Park

Taroko National Park 

Sun Moon Lake 

Jiufen Old Town    

Official Residential Building of the Shilin Residence

Local News, Activities, Sport Centers & Taipei Government

Chunghua Postal Service



Taipei Neihu Sport Center   

Taipei Zhongzheng Sport Center

NanGang Sport Center

List of Well-Known Night Markets:

Shilin Night Market

Shida Night Market

Huaxi Night Market(Snake Alley)

Raohe Night Market

Keelong Night Market(Keelong)

Fengchia Night Market(Taichong)

Locations of Mountain Climbing:

Sakura-Elephant Hill

Moutain Climbing

Taipei-Four Beasts' Mountain Trekking  

Hiking-Seven Star Moutian

Wenshan's area-Maogong Gondola 

Qiantiangang Mountain Trail

Yangminshan National Park