We strive to make your Chinese study practical and relevant to your needs.

Learn Mandarin fast at one of the first private Chinese language schools for non-Chinese speakers in Taipei. We have a long experience in this field and specialize in Practical Mandarin; by practical mandarin we mean conversation with the right pronunciation. Learning mandarin is one thing – making yourself understood in Mandarin among the Chinese people is a different thing and not so easy. We know how to help you.

At our language school you can expect to receive the highest standards of quality teaching and service. Our teachers and English speaking office personnel take pleasure in helping you.
We teach quality Traditional Chinese to foreign students of all ages and all walks of life in a professional and friendly learning environment.

Located in the southern area of Taipei, near the Guting MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), Pioneer Language Bushiban is easily accessed from all over Taipei by subway or bus.

Pioneer Language Bushiban uses modern and internationally recognized techniques, such as the bopomofo system to effectively teach Chinese

This includes speaking, reading and writing Chinese. The Pioneer school believes in ‘small class’ Mandarin learning as one of the most effective ways to study Chinese. In our one-on-one and small group Chinese classes, you will spend more time speaking Mandarin, while the teacher concentrates on addressing your specific needs. The small class environment will lead to a faster acquisition of fluency in Chinese.

Our Chinese teachers graduated from the best universities in Taiwan. They are trained and developed in this field of teaching by Pioneer Language Bushiban. They are also evaluated by students and supervisors regularly. Student feedback is used to help the teachers to develop their fullest teaching potential. We strive to make your Chinese study practical and relevant to your needs. We also offer  Chinese  history  courses, cultural courses, classical Chinese literature courses, and advanced business conversation courses according to the student’s customized needs. We understand that our students are individuals with differing needs and we will cater to them accordingly.
Live the language and enjoy our culture!



快速學習到中文(普通話)的中文學校,先鋒補習班是一家私立非漢語母語學生的中文補習班。我們在這個領域有很多的經驗,並專注於實用中文會話;是指以正確發音的實際交談。學習漢語(中文會話/普通話)─ 使自己理解中國人之間的會話(對話)是並沒有那麼容易。先鋒知道如何幫助你

在我們的語言學校,你可以獲得期望的最高標準的教學質量和服務。我們的教師和懂英語的行政人員會很高興幫助您。我們以專業和良好的學習環境的教授優質正統的繁體漢語(中文)和 簡體漢語(中文)。我們所教授的學生是屬於所有年齡和所有階層社會人士的外國學生。



我們力求使你的中文研究是符合你的實用的需求的。我們根據學生的個人的需求來教授中文。也提供中國歷史課程,文化課程,中國古典文學課程和高級商務會談課程。個人班的學生有各種不同語文的需求,並 滿足他們各自各的特別的需求。



The New beginners Chinese class will be opened from May 15, 2023, 1:10 pm ~ 3:00 pm. Two hours per day (Monday ~ Friday), you only have to pay NT$7,000 ( 4 weeks / 40 hours )!
Please register as soon as possible. 40 hours only NT$7,000.
The New weekend Chinese group class will be opened at 12:10 pm ~ 3:00 pm. Three hours per day ( Saturday and Sunday), you only have to pay NT$7,000 ( 40 hours )!
Please register as soon as possible. 40 hours only NT$7,000!!
We have teacher who can teach the night classes and can teach in Saturday morning and Sunday morning from 9:10 am to 12:00 noon.

Beginner ( 3-1 ) class -Level 1,there are 2 student waits for small class(P.Chinese 1) -Restart in May.

We have One-on-One & small classes on Saturday and Sunday: at 8:00 to 5:00 pm (flexible hrs)

GOOD NEWS:  In response to the US government’s decision to grant the ROC(Taiwanese) passport holders visa-free entry into the US for a stay up to 90 days starting from September 15, 2018, the ROC government has decided to extend visa-free stay for US passport holders in the ROC from the current 30 days to 90 days starting from the same date. 2018/09/15

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