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.Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol. 1,II
.Far East Everyday Chinese I
.Practical Chinese Reading & Writing
.Mandarin Express
.Chinese Master I, II
.Situation Chinese (Phone Calls,Letters,Workplaces)
.Speak Chinese ( Shopping & Eating Out)
.Practical Chinese I, II
.Step by Step-Mandarin


.Selections form Mandarin Daily News
.Elementary School Mandarin Primers Vol.1-6



.Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol. III,IV
.Far East Everyday Chinese II
.Practical Chinese Reading & Writing II
.Situation Chinese ( Business & Business Travel,Workplace)
.Travelling, Medical Treatment, Campus Life & Socializing
.Practical Chinese Dialogues II
.Taiwan Today
.Chatting in Chinese
.Short Speech Master
.Practical Business Conversations I, II


.Reading Chinese Newspaper : A Modern Approach
.Newspaper Readings 1,2
.Business Reading
.Chinese Folk Tales
.Chinese Moral Tales
.Chinese Customs and Tradition



.Daily Newspapers Articles
.Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol. V
.New Radio Plays & Mini Radio Plays
.Stories from Chinese History
.Selected Contemporary Chinese Short Stories
.Thought and Society
.The Independent Reade

Other teaching materials(simplified/traditional characters) provided by the students can be used in classes.

One-on-one or 2-student class instruction is the special feature of Pioneer. Small group classes of 3 or 4 students also can be arranged.

Class Load: A normal group class load is 10 or 15 hours per week. However, special arrangements can be made to meet individual student needs.

Hours: For group classes, each term lasts 2 – 3 months. Classes are taught two hours a day, five days a week. Each class session consists of two 50-minute periods of instruction and a 10-minute break. The class periods are as follows:

8:20-10:00 am (no break)
10:10-12:00 pm
12:10-2:00 pm
1:10-3:00 pm
5:10-7:00 pm
7:10-9:00 pm
3:10-5:00 pm
6:40-8:30 pm
7:40-9:30 pm

Our English Language Programs

The Center has English classes for Taiwanese students on a small group basis. One-on-one adult English classes also can be arranged.

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